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The Illuminati House Of Ra Community Conduct and Engagement Complaint Policy


The intention of this document is to provide both an outline of expectations, and a complaint protocol, for both the members of The Illuminati House of Ra and those engaging with The Illuminati House of Ra, that allows for informed and enthusiastic consent and safe play and engagement. Should the intent of these rules be contradicted by their execution the officers of The Illuminati House of Ra retain the right to change or revoke them at any time. 



 The Illuminati House of Ra intends to create an environment where both individuals, and the wider community, feel empowered to identify and respond to behavior that is deemed unsafe or predatory.



 The Illuminati House of Ra intends to maintain as much of each individual’s privacy as possible during the complaint process. All victims of harassment, predatory behavior, or abuse may publicly inform the community of any dangerous behavior. However, that decision is entirely in the hands of the victim and the victim’s decision will be respected at all times. All victims are encouraged to, instead of or in addition to this procedure, use their own judgment about whether to publicly name their harasser/abuser or pursue legal options


Justice and Fairness 

The Illuminati House of Ra intends to find a path to justice through thorough investigation and fair treatment of both the accuser and the accused without victim shaming or unbiased attacking of the accused.


Awareness and Growth

The Illuminati House of Ra intends to raise individual and community awareness of unsafe and predatory behaviors while allowing individuals, and through them, the community, to acknowledge and recover from any incidents.


Conduct Guidelines

The Illuminati House of Ra is committed to maintaining a culture of mutual informed and enthusiastic consent in which respect and safety are focal points. To that end, please make sure all interactions, from conversations to sexual activity, are enthusiastically consented to by all parties involved. The best way to ensure that people consent is to ask them for explicit confirmation of their enthusiastic consent. 

Clear communication of desires, negotiation of all play/sexual interactions, and clear boundary setting is encouraged among both the members of The Illuminati House of Ra and those engaging with The Illuminati House of Ra. Behavior outside of that which was negotiated for should be considered unethical or a violation of consent.

Harassment, intimidation, maliciousness, discrimination, non-consensual acts, emotional or physical abuse, attempts at coercion assault, bigotry, and anything illegal or otherwise unethical are serious matters and will not be tolerated by either the members of The Illuminati House of Ra nor those in engagement with The Illuminati House of Ra. 


Complaints Process

Complaints may be submitted to The Illuminati House Of Ra’s Sergeant at Arms at any time by email. Please include all relevant information including time, place, involved parties, witnesses, type of offense, willingness to discuss with accused, and any evidence (photos, chat logs, witnesses, etc.) that exist.


IHOR Officer’s Assessment 

All complaints will be assessed by The Illuminati House of Ra officers for credibility and severity prior to taking any permanent action against the accused. If an officer has questions or requires support for a complaint they will privately contact the submitter before taking actions or making any determinations. All discussions with a complaint submitter shall be held with respect and compassion.


Mediation Option 

If deemed appropriate, complaints may be resolved before filing by a process of mediation. A neutral mediator will be sought by the officers of The Illuminati House of Ra to help amicably resolve the situation. All parties will retain the option to file a complaint if mediation is unsuccessful.


Suspensions Pending Investigation 

At the discretion of the officers of The Illuminati House of Ra, subjects of complaints may be suspended from participation in group activities while complaints are investigated. A suspension does not imply guilt, and all subjects retain their presumption of innocence.


Complaint Culpability Levels


A person is considered to have acted purposefully when the harm done was the conscious goal of the actor. When a person takes an action, or withholds information, with the explicit goal of causing harm, their mental state is considered purposeful and malicious.



A person is considered to have acted recklessly when they acted in conscious and unreasonable disregard of a known risk. A person is reckless when they are aware that their actions, or withholding of information, has a substantial risk of causing harm, and such risk is unreasonable under the circumstances.



A person is considered to have acted negligently when they took an unreasonable risk that they should have known about, but were not consciously aware of. Where a person is unaware that their actions pose an unreasonable risk of causing harm, but they should have known the risk, their mental state is negligent.


Complaint Severity Levels

Minor Complaints 

Complaints that do not involve issues of public concern, are not physically threatening in any way, and could reasonably be resolved with direct communication are considered minor complaints. Culpability must be at least negligent. This could include differences of opinion, aggressive but civil discussion, or relationship issues. Minor complaints will be logged, but action will only be taken at the Sergeant at Arms’ discretion or if severity is deemed questionable. 


Medium Complaints 

Something unacceptable in behavior that is not a direct malicious attack may be deemed a medium complaint. Culpability must be at least reckless. This may include name calling, racist or sexist remarks, and uncivil discussion. Violators will be corrected twice and then suspended from The Illuminati House of Ra spaces and engagement for a period of six months. Additional offenses may lead to expulsion. 


Severe Complaints 

Breaking consent, any direct ethical violation that causes no lasting/serious harm are deemed severe complaints. Culpability must be at least reckless. Examples include coercion, unwelcome physical contact, direct harassment, a single instance of stalking or cornering, and making a public space physically unsafe for others. Violators will be temporarily suspended for a period of one year with public warning. Additional offenses may lead to expulsion.


Extreme Complaints 

Complaints that indicate a potential for serious/lasting harm to an individual or individuals are deemed to be extreme. Culpability must be purposeful. This includes any harmful non-consensual physical contact, stalking, harassment, and/or threatening behavior. Violators will be immediately suspended pending investigation. Violators may be permitted to enter into a transformative justice procedure and will otherwise face permanent expulsion.


Public Apologies 

If a member has been suspended from engagement with The Illuminati House Of Ra, that suspension may be lifted by issuing a public statement of responsibility/apology. Additional credible complaints after the suspension has been lifted will result in expulsion. A public apology must include the nature of the addressed complaint but not the details and a path forward that repairs this breach with the community. All apologies will be reviewed by an officer and the complaint submitted prior to release.

Any lifting of bans or reinstating memberships is at the discretion of the Officers, and will only be done after conferring with the submitter of any complaints which justified the original ban and an assessment that the member does not pose a significant danger to the community. Extreme complaints cannot be addressed by public statements.


Disputing Complaints 

In order to encourage victims of harassment, predatory behavior, and abuse to make reports, the identity of the submitter of a complaint will never be revealed without the submitter’s consent. Officers, and investigating parties, will make reasonable efforts to ensure that all complaints are credible, and to allow room for the recipient of the complaint to dispute the facts of the matter and the severity of the complaint.

No action stronger than a private warning will be taken against any violator unless the member has been informed of all factual allegations against them in sufficient detail as much as possible with prioritizing the safety of the complaint submitter. 


Questionable Complaints

Complaints coming from a questionable person or in a questionable manner will receive additional scrutiny. This includes multiple complaints from the same individual, complaints that lack facts or evidence but seem coordinated, complaints during or following a breakup, and complaints made a significant amount of time after the fact.


*This policy is a work in progress. This rough draft is meant as a starting point for U/us at The Illuminati House of Ra to move forward with a transparent and structured complaint process concerning violations. This Document will change over time, as we strive to make it more accessible and inclusive of O/our intentions and expectations of O/ourselves and those with W/whom W/we engage.


In Leather Service 

boy Oba Ra 

Sergeant at Arms

May 5, 2022

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