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The Illuminati House of Ra Mentorship Class


New to the Leather Community? Looking to learn the basics and figure out where Y/you belong? Hoping to acquire skills and work towards developing Your Own Leather Household? Find Y/yourself wishing there was a University for Masters, a training school for slaves, or an educational weekend that could really tailor itself to exactly what Y/you’re hoping to learn? Join The Illuminati House of Ra’s Mentorship Class and become an elite member of a hardworking team focused on Education, Empowerment, and Illumination.


Through The Illuminati House of Ra Mentorship Class Y/you will have the support of a strong functioning Leather Household as Y/you dive into the basics and history of the BDSM and Leather Community, take part in group readings of the literature that provides a strong foundation for O/our community, and work alongside Masters, Handlers, slaves, and submissives with decades of experience. Y/you will be guided through Y/your Leather Journey and attend and produce events with direct community outreach helping to create and support the very community Y/you want to find Y/your home within.

With weekly service calls, monthly journaling, quarterly evaluations, and twice annual individual interviews, Y/your mentorship will be full of opportunities for individual Growth and Empowerment that promise development both in Y/yourself as a Leatherperson as well as in specific skills such as sensation/wax play, spanking, electrical play, mummification, flogging, singletailing, needleplay, fireplay, ropeplay, CBT, bootblacking, and cigar and tea service.


The Illuminati House of Ra’s Mentorship Class is a three-year program with both live-in and Zoom options. The baseline cost of the program is $100 per month, an additional cost of $25 a month to attend Leather Community events with the IHOR Tribe, and a $500 charge for a room and board option with even more direct access and time to create Y/your Leather Journey. Take part in seizing Y/your dream experience today!


Whether You are looking to become a Sir, Ma’am, Mx., or Master or hoping to craft yourself into a fully trained submissive, pup, boy, girl, or slave; The Illuminati House of Ra’s Mentorship Class is the place for Y/you. W/we offer a wide range of training materials, guides, opportunities, and specialties, as well as both in-person and long-distance programs designed specifically to fit Y/your needs. Apply to be a Mentee today.

The application for Mentorship can be found under the "IHOR Member Application" tab, or at the following link . Please specify Y/your interest in becoming a Mentee. W/we are looking forward to working with Y/you. 

Where else can you find us?

(202) 321-9442

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