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Pronouns: He, Him, They, Them 

Honorifics: Master, Sir, Daddy, Handler

Master Eli Ra, HOH of IHOR, holds the titles of Mr. Maryland Leather 2016 and Mid-Atlantic Pup Handler 2018/19 and is a Mid- Atlantic Onyx member. He trained under, and was covered by Sir Nagrom of Baltimore. Through IHOR, Master Ra offers classes in many subjects to include BDSM dynamics, consent and negotiation, medical play, cigar play, impact play, fisting, leather and rope bondage, both at events and on his Pillow Talk, that is aired on both Facebook and Youtube. Master Ra has led his family members to establish Leatherboys of Color and Leathergirls of Color, which are accessible on a variety of social media platforms and are aiming to expand their reach nationwide. Master Ra is secretary within LHOCC, Leather Houses of Color Coalition (pronounced “lock” He holds a position on the board of NCSF. Master Ra has been in the BDSM and Leather community for more than a decade, and has attended and taught at events all across the United States such as Dark Odyssey, CLAW, BBM, and ONYX Blackout. He has made his mark (so to speak) in the community and is honored to hold the roles of Master, Sir, Daddy, Handler, and Mentor, for people such as the 2017 Mr. Maryland Leather and the Current 2020 Mr. Maryland Leather. It is certain, through Master Ra’s careful and thorough mentorship and guidance, that he will empower more leather persons to become people of note in the community.

 slave Olokun Ra
Lieutenant Commander

                Pronouns: she, her

                     Honorifics: slave

                       Role: Treasurer

slave olokun Ra,  raised in Philadelphia from Buffalo New York, is presently settled and serves in Maryland. She was born to serve and has been doing it for over a decade in the leather  community. 

This kinky/ poly slave married her wife in Maui Hawaii when gay marriages weren’t officially legal in the United States.


Stepping into the BDSM arena in 2004, her self discovery in service begins with“Lady Z” (co-founder and President of BlackBeat).  Mistress “Lady Z” would be the first Owner to collar, guide, groom and prepare her for who she would become today and has set the standard and precedent that prepared her in becoming a slave and member of the “Illuminati House of Ra”.

Over several years she began to form an interest and fascination with the art of bootblacking.  Under the tutelage and training of girl amelia Horo “Mid Atlantic Community Bootblack 2013”, her apprenticeship came to be a valuable tool of service. For the community. this slave served as a bootblack at MsC 2016, 2017,2018,2019, the Eagle Bar in Baltimore, the Crucible and various private play parties throughout the DMV.

In 2017 she met Master Eli at a MsC conference in Maryland. In 2018 she asked for His collar of protection.  Over the next twelve months she witnessed firsthand His vision, passion, dedication and service in the Leather community.  she knew that she desired to be a part of that picture, 

In 2019 she petitioned Master Eli for consideration, her petition was granted and hence she became a part of His growing family. 

In 2020 under His care, protection and guidance she received her Garrison Cover and was re-named slave Olokun Ra. In 2021 she received the “IHOR” member House Patch and was promoted to Lieutenant Commander  Officer of the Illuminati House of Ra.

slave Olokun is protocol driven and embraces her M/s dynamic with Master Eli that requires those expectations from her.  Master Eli’s honesty, transparency, consistency and stability was the key element that won this slaves loyalty and service for life. 


             Pronouns:  he, him

                    Honorifics: boy

 Role: Secretary At Arms

Theboy Oba Ra, born  David Paul Mayer Jr. August 8, 1966, was raised in Jersey City, NJ, and moved to Atlanta, GA January 2005. Father of 5 and grandfather of 3. 

This boy knew nothing about the leather community, but has always been of service in his relationships, not knowing that he is a service boy, he was just doing what was naturally embedded in him. 


boy was introduced to the leather community by his first Daddy (Dre Onyx) in early 2015, under His direction and guidance, He had boy research the different dynamics of leather relationships, leather protocol, and the origin of the leather flag, which led boy to research other subjects of leather that intrest him subjects that didn't interest him. 

boy pledged and crossed into the Onyx leather club, the Southeast chapter in 2016, and was given the name DieHard Onyx. 


This boy met his current Master Daddy Eli  Ra September 2015, at Blackout in Chicago. boy was in awe of His presence, and boy knew then Master Daddy Eli was going to be an important part of his life. In 2017 Master Daddy Eli became boy david's leather mentor, with the permission of boy's then Daddy Reggie. boy was privileged to be allowed to be of service to Master Daddy Eli Ra whenever He visited Atlanta. 


boy became a part of the family of The Illuminati House Of Ra in August of 2020, under the leadership of his now Master Daddy Eli Ra, and was given the name boy Oba Ra. 

Kinks that currently intrest boy are paddling, spanking, sensory play, flogging, wax play, and fire play. boy is still open to exploring kinks under the Master Daddy Eli Ra. 


Communication, transparency, honesty, protocol, and research are key ingredients  for a successful journey in the leather community and D/s dynamic/relationships. Service is who and what boy Oba is.


   Lady Kim 

        Chief Petty Officer

 Pronouns: She, Her

        Honorifics: Lady

              Role: Mentee

Lady Kim has been in the BDSM and Leather Community for years. She is mentee to Master Eli Ra of The Illuminati House of Ra and one of the founders of the Leathergirls of Color. She is local to NY,  but has attended, and taught at events across the United States, to include, Philly Trans Wellness Conference. She offers classes such as, “Trans Table Talk.”

 slave NAUKA Ra

                  Pronouns: they, them

Honorifics: Mx., slave, Master

                          Role: Majordomo


slave Nauka Ra an unapologetically queer and trans, Deaf, disabled, Sikh slave is both Owned and Owner in separate M/s dynamics. they grew up in Maine to kinky parents, joined the Army, and now reside in the DMV serving as Majordomo and private slave to Master Ra; the Head of Household of The Illuminati House of Ra. they have been active in the BDSM and Leather Community for 15 years largely based out of the Dark Odyssey events but have also attended, and taught at events including, MsC, CLAW, IML, LR, QI, LFMP, and BBM. Nauka has been present in dozens of Community spaces but is largely unknown given that their focus has always been on serving their Master at the time. Nauka has spent 6 years in a Master’s collar having served contracts under Sir C (PQLF), Mz. Kero (SSC), and Master Ra (IHOR, current). 

They may be seen flagging maroon or orange (right or left), or ones for roleplay, canes, sensory deprivation,  asphyxiation, hucow or medical play if there were ones for those kinks. Their singular passion is service. They’re on a mission to get seafoam green recognized as a service hanky. Until then, they are “anything goes” for their Master, and likely “off limits; because serving” for other Folks. When permitted, or voluntold, they offer classes such as, “Fucking A Trans Body,” “Disability and Leather Intersectionality,” “Leather Faith,” “Kinky ASL,” “Event Inclusivity,” “Leather Reads,” “D/s Documents; Petitions, Contracts, and Butler Books,” “Editing the submissive Body; Appearance, Speech, and Position Training,” “Edgeplay,” “Bloodplay,” “Roleplay,” and “Finding Headspace Through Humility.”


        boy MUT ra 

                                 Petty Officer 3rd Class

                                Pronouns: He, Him

                              Honorifics: pup, boy

                                        Role: Head Pup

boy Mut Ra, pup Twilight, has been in the BDSM and Leather Community for 5 years. he is Owned and Collared by Master Eli Ra, head pet of The Illuminati House of Ra, and the Alpha pup of the Lunar Pack of Khonsu. He is the Creator of the Let’s Go Play events that run educational and pup nights. He is local to the DMV. He has traveled up and down the east coast with Wolfstryker Leather, meeting many new and interesting people as well as exploiting his kinks and fetishes. When permitted, or voluntold, he offers classes such as “Pup Play 101,” and “Electrical Play 101.”

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