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I have always heard, "When a person knows better, a person can do better."

Mirror, Mirror on the wall. There are a few things I have come to solve.

realizing my reflection with great intentions can be seen differently by those who are not standing with me. it has become quite apparent. There are a lot of opportunities in which I can hold myself accountable and a few things that are just out of my control.

I CAN be accountable for my actions and the words that I say. But what I refuse to take accountability for is how others choose to see and perceive me and what I say. I can't allow myself to become stressed on how another human being mayor may not misinterpret my intentions.

That part is on them and the choices they have choose to make as to what they/them choose to consent. Because when it all boils down. We all hold the right to agree to disagree with one another. As I have take the time to give the Grace & Mercy to not only our community but to myself, I’ve also awarded myself the same opportunity for understanding and forgiveness. I have written many public apologies, none have ever been reciprocate nor acknowledged. So today I send myself this formal public apology in hopes for healing. because I can‘t be of help to others unless I have taken time out to helped myself.

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