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Making Something out of nothing!

In 2016 as Mr.Maryland Leather 2016, I was Given the privilege to be a judge for the 2916 Mid-Atlantic Pup Handler at The DC Eagle.

During that contest, the person who ran for the PUP HANDLER title, unfortunately, didn’t have enough points to obtain the title.

I  naturally offered my services to mentor the contestant to prepare him for the following year. However, the contestant in 2017 wasn’t held so in 2018 I was expecting him to compete for the title after being equipped with the knowledge.

I was informed that he was not going to go to Philadelphia to run.

As I was preparing my pup, KitTwililight Barkson to compete for the Pup portion in the competition. He revealed his nervousness about being a contestant and asked me to run with him.

As his Sir & Handler, how could I deny his request? 🤷🏾‍♂️

When the day came for us to run for this fetish title I knew I would be there not to support him and be there bro support the contest the same way I did as a judge two years prior.

I had no idea I would win but I was willing to give it my best shot.

I later thought how great it would be for my pup and I to be titleholders together, and how we could work together to make Maso Mutt’s dream work!

The other two contestants had matching personalities so I am more than sure they had the same idea my pup had in mind for running in the competition.

We all were surprised and disappointed when my pup's name was not called but my name was called for the HANDLER!

The competition was bitter/ sweet in the end. Since the previous winners didn’t get along during their title year, I could see from day one that ours would be no different.

It came as no surprise when trying to elaborate on group events with my title pup, I received much resistance and a lack of  enthusiasm.

It was a very lonely title year, to say the least. But I continue not to Show Up and Show Out without my title pup by my side. nevertheless, it brought me joy to continue to mentor my pup twilight to  fulfill the obligations he committed to  obligate himself in doing for O/our community. @Let’s Go Play P

et Night become a huge success within the DMV area!

It’s been five years since the co/ producers have done any work to keep this event running in the direction it needed to become a positive experience for other young upcoming kinksters within our community. But they would rather be more involved with rewriting history.

I had leather sashes and leather lanyards made for the producer of this contest. 

And never got a chance to gift him with this token of my appreciation.

Maso knew what my intentions were. From one POC to another POC. So that is all that matters!

Rest in a power to both the producer and his project.

2018 Mid-Atlantic Pup Handler #TheMaster Eli Ra

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