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The vibe

Mastering my VIBRATIONS!

It took me a year to fully understand what really happens when I walk into a room. After years of people around me, openly addressing and or confronting me about it. I had no other choice, but to see it for myself..

Then once I took the time to fully understand the gift, I had to embrace it to control it.

It in my nature to control myself to remain disciplined to contain order. However, what I have experienced in the spiritual aspects of BDSM. One’s vibesare just that.

The only way to control vibrations is to sit perfectly still.

The past two years #TheMaster Has slowed down tremendously. (not by choice) in 2020 I started receiving emails from local clubs & establishments banning my attendance. Then i realized, due to false information that led to false allegations. I’ve been canceled in places that I’ve supported over the years, even though through the pandemic . I along with the members of my #IHOR tribe continue to support/ solicit establishments to insure an adequate income dueing trying times our community and country endured.

At first I couldn’t figure out why any of theses organizations would ban me from showing up at their event, Since I has never broken any rules on their property, been disrespectful to any of the members or guest or staff, nor violated the consent of any of the attendees of the establishments / organizations listed below.

However, These groups and organizations have bandwagon with community individuals (who will be named at a later time) and have worked nonstop to rally others in their "cancel culture" agenda.

In all of this, an awareness to a profound awakening has occurred.

I’ve gotten an opportunity to reevaluate not only myself but the folks I allowed access to my energy.

I can see clearly (with my third eye) the difference between thoes who are welcoming and those who tolerate my boldness, my blackness, my uniqueness.

I know who is deserving from those who are feeding with nothing to offer in return.

Clifton Pleasure CLUB


Baltimore Playhouse

12 days by Hooker & boys

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to see the lack of integrity within your organizations.

Thank you for allowing our community to see for themselves the wolfs in sheep clothing that breeds the embedded hatred that remains dormant under layers of leather.

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