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Community Open letter regarding your Goddexx MX Symphonee .

As a D-type with a community that prides itself on honor, respect, loyalty, and trust, it behooves me to question another D-type's integrity,

I have gone above and beyond to sever all ties with Mx. Symphonee after denying mentorship when THEY asked in early 2019. I took the opportunity to express my concerns regarding their behavior which led to my dismissal for friendship by way of a text message that is posted below.

Yet still, three years later Mx Symphony has continued to state claims to adding false claims of predatorial, misogynistic, and transphobic behavior to my character in letters and comments to community members.

I have done all I can to keep my distance, by Lessing my appearances in spaces THEY/THEM frequent. Yet THEY/THEM continue to show up in spaces I am known to be at ,THEY/THEM have attend evey court trial that don't involve them, yet many of their letters to events State that THEY/THEM don't feel safe with me in at the venue when addressing THEIR concerns and issues.

At this point is has become Harassment to become the victim when in reality clearly shows them behaving as the aggressor from displaced anger!

This letter has been sent to The Woods Campground, after it was announced of Mx. Symphonee being a judge. Due to this is yet another space I am known to occupy, yet THEY/THEM felt the need to also occupy yet again.

To whom it may concern,

It is no secret in the Leather community that not only am I dealing with my own legal issues surrounding a specific individual filing allegations against me, but that several members of this community have taken it upon themselves to maliciously join the fight to bar me from certain spaces I once enjoyed. One such individual known as Mx. Symphony is publicly leading that charge in conjunction with people like Glenda Rider and Velvet Storm. For the past three years, they/them have been writing letters to events and establishments including BBM, MAL, CLAW, Easton Mountain, Baltimore Playspace, and IML overtly stating that they feel their safety is in jeopardy where they share space with me.

Historically, these are spaces that I have been frequenting for years long before they started appearing on the scene. Yet everywhere I go now, they have been appearing and complaining of my presence. And now I’ve learned that they are coming to The Woods to be a Leather competition judge, a place I’m widely known to frequent for the last three years by many guests of the campsite as well as my friends and connections on social media. At the invitation of Alyssa from The Woods, Mx. Symphony is willingly and knowingly going to appear someplace where I normally go to relax and unwind.

I do not wish to cause trouble or alarm in any way, shape, or form; I only wished to alert the owners of the campsite and the people who run it to the workings of someone who has proven that they know where I go and that they don’t want me to have peace. My intentions are and have always been to leave them alone and keep our distance and I aim to maintain that intention while we both occupy the same area. Please know that if anything should happen, it is not at my insistence. I genuinely wish them peace and prosperity and for everyone attending the Leather weekend a fun filled time.


Master Eli

This is the letter I find myself having to write to the campsite owners and other places I travel to prepare events and and Leather Runs because I have been accused to be the villain who Mx Symphony claimed made them feel uncomfortable/ unsafe to occupy the same space, yet Mx Symphony continues to show up to spaces they/them know I frequently occupy and consider to be safe spaces.

As a leader within our community, I have tried to take the first approach towards handling this situation without the entier community being involved by filing a formal grievance of concern with the Onyx Pearls as an internal matter due to Our leather club affiliation. With the hope of the Onyx Pearls Exitive board mediating and addressing the conflict Mx Symphony was having to hopefully come to a sustainable conclusion or solution among our peers. Unfortunately, when the president LadySavage Panda tried to form a committee with Tamu Amira and other to address the formal complaint against Mx Symphony, it caused internal controversy within the organization. As a result neither LadySavage Panda & Tamu Amira are NO longer members of the Onyx Pearls Organization. Nor was my Formal complaint addressed since 2020.

To this day Mx Symhony and Velet Storm are allowed to display behaviors that are unbecoming outside of the standards of an Onyx Pearl. Yet NO dispensary actions have held them accountable for their actions of dishonesty, harassment, discrimination, or disrespect.

As I have noted in my earlier documents, When conscientiously decided to part ways and sever all ties with Mx Symhony, they received the same type of formal letter as Shan Shawnn (formal Onyx Brother) , and Velvet Storm (

Marialuisa Garcia \Gary).

As it's important to be transparent about my interactions so ALL are aware as to why I choose to keep my distance.

And I keep my authenticity throughout my journey for my words to match my walk within O/our Community.

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