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Are 365 days equivalent to 3 years of Allegations?

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

Grand Rising, to all my constituents, comrades, and most importantly my loyal confidants who have shown up and out your support and most of all seek to know the TRUTH.

I have tried very hard in the past TWO years to continue to remain on the high road, to not break my own silence, in efforts to heal, cry and do the shadow work to grow and get past all that happened once removing pup EJ from my play collar and pup/Handler Dynamic.

However, after our separation in 2020 I am STILL called to publicly address many personal life experiences in attempt to set some clear boundaries.

This morning, I decided to write MYSELF some words of affirmation for ME.

“I have to remove my EGO from what really matters, for the work that I do to become effective to those who need it.”

Since, I have been accused of allegations, which is a term that is used to seek justice in court, and not by a community, I have decided that I will used this platform to be 100% transparent with those who are involved and invested in seeking the truth. All pics, videos, text messages and a blow-by-blow of what happened from the very beginning WILL be exposed here.

I will start where I left off from EJ being a NO show for court, after being served at the apt Glenda provided with the funds from the gofundme fundraiser she made. Glenda’s address was also used in the court order because EJ spent some time during the summer months actually living in a tent with his dog in Glenda’s back yard.

Mind you, EJ was in fact near homelessness while living in NJ when when he and I met at MAL (Mid-Atlantic Leather weekend in DC ) He lived IN my home from 2019-2020 (one Year) rent free due to unstable living conditions while couch hopping with friends in NJ.

EJ moved in with my Pup Twilight first when arriving to the DMV, when that living agreement didn’t work, EJ moved in with me under the conditions of him acquiring stable employment, never missing his medication. and retaining respectful behavior while being a guest in my home. (NO smoking of marijuana nor any drug use indoors of my home).

During that year, EJ didn’t aquire employment, became disrespectful and disobedient to me as HOH and a home owner, and his behavior often intersected into the dynamics with others within my leather tribe.

When EJ revealed his medical diagnoses, I knew at that moment of eight months that because I was not certified nor qualified to be in any type of dynamic he and I had previously discussed, and to continue anything beyond a friendship, I would be way over my head. Again, taking my EGO out of my dynamics I quickly realized this boy needed more than I could possibly offer alone.

Thinking I was lacking in the feminine energy department of my mastery and knowing EJ continued to battle with traumas around abandonment, I sought counseling from other D-types within our community to assist me in finding the right resources to aid with his transition with seeking counseling and another D-type.

Once I explained my dilemma to Mistress Paula she willingly offered her assistance.

I discovered that EJ moved out while I was at work, left my keys to my home on my breakfast nook and left my door wide open. After a month, I retrieved my collar from him during a meeting I scheduled through persistent and constant texting.

I did my due diligence with frequently checked in on EJ’s progress with Mistress Paula.

After about three months, much to my disappointment, I received a call from call Mistress Paula, expressing her concerns that she was no longer be able to aid me with counseling EJ, due to her husband smelling evidence of strong marijuana fragrances being smoked within the interior of their home after she had expressed that marijuana smoking was forbidden in her living space.

This was during the same time Xir Oya and I were on our way to NYC by Amtrack when they received a call from EJ admitting that he had become homeless once again after being kicked out of the living arrangements with the work friend he moved into with when he left my home.

This was around the time I started reviving messages from community members stating that I had made EJ homeless. I was even confronted by a community member who asked "How can you say your helping people who are experiencing homelessness when you are the reason EJ is without a home? I quickly informed this person that they were inaccurate with their facts. The next day, I text EJ about the ”rumors/ allegations” his reply was "What do you what me to do?” my reply was “Tell them the TRUTH!" He never responded.

So, when we talk about ACCOUNTABILITY let's remember, it's something that has to be expected from Both parties involved, for it to work properly!

* This blog post has been edited on 4/27, by a slave of IHOR to correct grammatical errors and to delete multiple uses of dead names and prior names used for EJ. Specific mental health diagnoses were also deleted. While content edits may be made in the future, The Illuminati House of Ra understands that mental health shaming and dead naming are not honorable and W/we do not wish that to represent U/us as a House.

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