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assUming & accUSING

Grand Rising to all my constituents, comrades, and most importantly my loyal confidants. In efforts to break my own silence, heal, and be healed, I am called to publicly address many personal life experiences in attempt to set some clear boundaries.

Let me invite you to a seat at my table where I am serving the big salad of the TRUTH on the table for you ALL to toss. 

The reason I love serving the TRUTH, is it needs No dressing, it can be served Hot or Cold, and most of all. You can be filled with it yet not need another plate of frivolous conversation to take away from it!

To some folks it’s like bitter medicine. Because it doesn’t come off sweet to some folks and yet it often leaves a bad after bite till many will simply run away from it to avoid the facts found in the Truth.

The problem I often have are when many people aren’t willing to do the work to seek the truth, but would rather lay content and comfortable setting with Allegations, rather then seeing the deeper Truth… I look at allegations as bread and butter thats often served up before the real meal.

often they/ them will get their full with the buttered bread because they can’t afford the real meal.

these people will settle for the bread and water and a seat at the table,pick and choose what they want to consume before actually experiencing the entire six course meal that has been offered!

I find danger in this behavior because:

👉🏾Allegations are what got Michael Tillman murdered from the this honest Plea of a caucasian woman who told the truth on her deathbed. 

👉🏾Allegations are what has Michael Jackson losing millions of dollars in being discredited in the Music industry and looked at as a pedophile in the black community.

👉🏾Allegations are what caused a cop to feel it was in his right to take a knees in killing George Floyd.

And let’s not forget….

👉🏾George Zimmerman allegedly Felt he was in enough danger to shoot and kill Treyvon Martin in a hoodie because he “ allegedly” had a gun in his had when in FACT a pack of skittles. 

So you can see that as a BLACK queer man in America, when ever anyone uses the word “ allegations” when describing something that doesn’t have any actual factual evidence I know it’s used to cause HARM to us!

When I hear in being used in any social media or in my community, it TRIGGERS ME to DO THE WORK in finding the FACTS to get to the TRUTH!

Because, If you can take the time to gossip / #Gaslight about “ allegations” that you claim or think someone did… Then you you have time to keep your 💩opinions to yourself, till you have the FACTS. Because we all know opinions is like an asshole…. EVERYONE has one! 


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