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Creating Safe Spaces to Create Safer Boundaries.

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

In my attempt to "Take the high road" or even "Go high when others go low" I have noticed that often, doing the "right thing" leaves one feeling lost and confused when the outcome doesn’t match one's intentions.

We are part of a community where every person enters on their own merits, with a core value of Honesty, Loyalty, Integrity and Respect setting the foundation for being involved in leather. It isn’t expected that people entering under those merits would actually be the same people who would judge others.

In the process of gaining and seeking transformative justice to gain closure for a pup/Handler D/s relationship that involved the removal and return of a play collar, I've found myself sharing very personal and intimate segments of personal dynamics with persons who I considered to be comrades due to the intersectionality of our lifestyle commonalities, with hopes of obtaining the closure suitable to allow a once loved play partner the opportunity to physically, emotionally, and mentally release and recover from the anxiety that comes with separations in BDSM relationships.

I've witnessed other Dominants release their submissives without turning back or maintaining healthy open communication. I did my due diligence to abstain from being that kind D-type. I addressed my own vulnerabilities in several attempts to acquire the closure that was requested. In hindsight, I realize that I subjected myself and those who I held dear to me in the leather community to bare witness to a matter that could have moved forward differently.

I take full accountability in realizing my error in involving people within the leather community to aid me in addressing a personal issue that should have been resolved using a private legal counsel.

In full transparency,

I, Master Eli Ra, humbly apologize to all those of whom I've either exhausted your time or your wellness with my personal relationship matters as a result of seeking closure in the mediation attempts listed below.

Many may only see the bricks being laid and never notice what holds it all TOGETHER.
Creatively Building and Protecting safer RELATIONSHIPS

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