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Dear leather Journey…

I am responsible for the energy I bring into the room, I am responsible for the energy I bring into a conversation and any situation I an an active participant in. ! I can not / will not blame others if I choose a path that ends up messy! i will not remain stuck in the past that I miss out on the blessings infront of me to take the steps forward towards clarity and loving, resolution.

I can’t expect anyone to love me more than I am willing to love myself . I love hard and I’ve learned to put my energy on those who love me back… self reflection is more valuable than Validation from others. I will continue to meet folks where they are, stop expecting to see me from others. because it just sets me up for disappointment.

I will continue to drink water and mind my business to build the empire I deserve and desire , love on myself , appreciate the family/ tribe I have created , enjoy my dynamic, family within our Village who appreciate me and mine and keep it moving! That’s all🥰😍. Ok carry on!🥰




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