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When Seeing (Proof, Receipts, Evidence, Data) is actually believing!

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

I posted in my blog that I was told that I was being stalked by a member of the pup community two years before ever actually meeting him. Recently, to more harassment by a pup I uncollared, and let go in 2019. I posted on my FB page that if anyone received any messages /mail slandering my character, or my leather family to please send the screen shot to my inbox. So I can have PROOF receipts of the actual Predator.

As you can see, EJ now has changed his name again to “Doge” as a new alias. The fact that he claims that he has to wake up everyday to see what I'm posting about because he feels I am always posting about him, clearly admits to stalking my social media. Not to mention clearly explains his diagnosis which I've stated in my prior blog.

Once again I am keeping everyone posted to the undermined way all of this is being handled within our community. Now being placed on a ”blacklist” as it's being called in his message let's me know actually how vindictive this and others behavior within Our community has gotten. Allowing this and other Micro aggressions to become the standard to replace integrity concerns me.

For the Record, I am not outing him or the ppl I mentioned in my blog, I am placing all evidence on the table. The names of his I have used in my blog, are all the names he has used while being a Ward of the state.. Check the records for yourself. Get the FACTS.

⚠️EJ, I hope your, if you are reading this please note that I uses they/them pronouns for all my post to keep it GENERAL. So, please don't think that every song is about You! But you claim that I am the narcissist. Smmfh & lol.

The part that is very concerning, is in this text he is claiming now that I am telling people not the community that he was underage, when that is what was originally said by Glenda, the woman who he lived with, and was his advocate. She informed Master Sable, Master Blue, and the president in Onyx that he was underage when he was with me. All to find out later that he in fact had a fake ID, illegally attending the leather club and adult spaces.

I have tried to have my day in court with EJ, yet he never showed up, so my attorney will have to wait on stand-by till we can get a confirmed address to serve him again. Till then, I will keep my blog for vetting and healing purposes.

Thank you for taking the time to access my blog. Hopefully this will answer some of the questions the ”community are having. Please don’t hesitate to call or leave a message for any further questions or concerns.

*This blog post has been edited on 4/27, by a slave of IHOR to correct grammatical errors and to delete multiple uses of dead names and prior names used for EJ. While content edits may be made in the future, The Illuminati House of Ra understands that dead naming is not honorable and W/we do not wish that to represent U/us as a House.

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