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Formulating my Formation i Format For me.

Many of them will only choose to whisper my successes and scream my failures.

Many will say that is the way it’s supposed to be.

However, I hold the right to agree to disagree!

You might ask yourself why, and the reply would be ”it’s all set up to make me a better human than the perception They all perceive me to be to Them!”

It's not my job nor my responsibility to change peoples mind of how and what they or them Choose to think of me. I can now be held accountable for the knowledge they choose not to obtain if they actually seek the truth.

This entire situation happening during a Retrograde has gotten me to think very hard about how I see myself, vice how others choose to see me.

I’ve realized how easy it is to unconsciously place others on a pedestal without their consent. Then when they fail or make mistakes, it almost comes naturally to judge them as justification for their imperfections.

It was once harder to see this behavior when it was me reading the book rather than being the main character of the storyline.

however, I know once this chapter was done in my Journal a new novel will be written featuring someone else I knew as the star of the petty bandwagon cancel culture drama show.

My hopes for the story after mine would be for it to be written by the author and not their fans.

Hence why this blog is so important for the betterment of not only my healing but hopefully help towards the healing of the next member within a community of which I am a part.

I refused to move like a jackal, bark like a dog, roar like a lion, slither like a snake, Bite like the vapor to emulate the behavior I’ve seen within our leather community, nor do I choose to live in the confinement of other people expectations!

I will rather surround myself with those who have the basic ability to do what is ethical and treat people the way they too wish to be treated.

In this Journey, I call the Book of Eli.

I will continue to review all of the things, people, and places, I've come across during my life involving leather culture and how I choose to cultivate my journey with those who I have encountered along the way.

With the realization that the universe has placed me in a position of opposition to recharge myself. A position where I am not in the spotlight, so others can be seen for who they are.

Where I am not the boss, so I can realize who is doing the work alongside me.

Where I am now the mentee to my peers to be mentored because I know that only Iron can sharpen iron, and this process allows me the opportunity to become vulnerable to wholeheartedly trust again.

Where I can become a student rather than a teacher, so I get to see different perspectives from others to broaden my knowledge and expand my wheelhouse to cultivate a leather culture for those who are willing and able to be fed from the table I and several other like me have built for ourselves.

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