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Glenda is NOT a good Witch!

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

The Glenda I know is NOT a GOOD witch And here is the reason why she is the purpose for this journal entry today.

As you know, ( if you have been reading my journal) I’ve been on my leather journey since 1999. During my journey, I have the pleasure and privilege to have had many opportunities to sit and have in-depth conversations with some of our communities' most distinguished elders of the leather community. However, none of the many remembered conversations about the leather community history world have ever prepared me for my last encounter with a leather community leader by the name of Glenda Rider, who many call “ Karen."

(Karen is a pejorative term for a white woman perceived as entitled or demanding beyond the scope of what is normal. The term is often portrayed in memes depicting white women who use their privilege to demand their own way.)

This is why…

While EJ was my pup in the vetting stages to establish a D/s dynamic, he along with my leather tribe attended many leather events together. Once during one of O/our many trips together we came across Glenda at the DC EAGLE. Glenda came to me and asked, “Who is this delicious-looking person you have with you, Eli?” I never thought twice about her approach due to both of our past flirty conversations. So, I introduced EJ to Glenda Rider as my pup. She didn't hesitated to complement EJ on his appearance and being handsome to her. I took it all as a form of admiration and not being disrespectful nor crossing any boundaries.

One day out of the blue, I received a phone call from Xir Oya. He called out of concern because he was very apprehensive about Glenda Rider offering to come to DC to his apartment to spend time with him while EJ was spending leather family time at his place. I too found it strange that another D-type who knew our family connection would not have come to the HOH first to have a conversation. But, I applauded Xir Oya for his due diligence in following our protocol.

Again, this made me pay very close attention to Glenda’s actions moving forward.

Once EJ was no longer the custodian of my collar, I attended the Mid Atlantic Leather Sir/Leatherboy contest at the DC Eagle. When I took a seat next to Glenda Rider, she informed me that someone was sitting next to her (she was saving a seat) so I needed to move down a seat. I informed her that I was just stopping to say hello, then moved to sit next to Xir Oya who was sitting directly behind her. Since I was a last minute judge for this contest, neither of the two had gotten the memo that I would be sitting at a judges table and didn’t require a seat in the audience.

However, once the contest started, I received a text message from Xir Oya. I looked back to see that EJ was the guest that was sitting next to Glenda.

This was a relationship I was NOT surprised to see due to knowing the history that came with being affiliated with Glenda. However, knowing her status in another community, I was disappointed that she didn’t use any vetting procedures prior to taking accountability for EJ; meaning that when I reached out to Glenda to meet me to retrieve the remaining items (including important mail) that EJ left in my home, her response was “Eli, I wish not to be involved in anything that’s going on between you and EJ.”

However, Glenda Rider took it upon herself to call the community leaders to voice their concerns of my D/s dynamic with EJ. Due to her conversations, I received a call from Master Blue, the Mid-Atlantic ONYX president, and Master Sable. Both informed me that they had asked if she had contacted Master Eli and her reply was “No, I have not.” Glenda even took time out of her day to contact the current president of the Onyx Pearls to rally the black woman of our community with her lies and allegations of me being with EJ while he was underage. however evidence have shown that EJ‘s identification states he was 20 while being in my pup collar, hence him being legal to be admitted in leather events, bars, and clubs before meeting me.

To this day, it is unclear to me why Glenda as a D-Type in our community would voice her concerns of EJ being UNDERAGE while in dynamic with me, yet never approach me to have a conversation about her concerns.

Furthermore, when I had her on a private Zoom call to settle her concerns, she gave the Zoom confirmation to uninvited friends of hers without my consent. On this zoom call, Glenda Rider expressed that she had lost all respect for me. However, by her actions, she never seemed to have had any respect for me nor my tribe’s boundaries from the very beginning.

For a woman who has stolen funds from the International Ms. Leather Funds (something that has been notated into leather history), I know that I would never live up to her standards when it came to integrity and leadership even if I had tried.

I write all of this to consistently remind me and others to never be afraid to have the conversation with people if you are truly concerned about seeing the #TRUTH. If you can’t approach them, that may mean that it’s not worth knowing or getting the #FACTS required to make the best decisions.

I remain transparent in my blog to make it easier for people to approach me. Because, I don’t need nor do I desire, to be the only one in the room with a question! Feel free to ask what you desire to know. Any questions, or any concerns!

* This blog post has been edited on 4/27, by a slave of IHOR to correct grammatical errors and to delete multiple uses of dead names and prior names used for EJ. While content edits may be made in the future, The Illuminati House of Ra understands that dead naming is not honorable and W/we do not wish that to represent U/us as a House.

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1 comentario

Sarha Shaubach
Sarha Shaubach
22 abr 2022

nobody is buying your BS. You are hiding behind the fallacy of power exchange protocols instead of simply being transparent and honest. People like you are why so many other people think the master slave community is a cartoon.

Me gusta
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