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honestly is the #BEST policy!

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

Allegations without proof are just RUMOR!

It has come to my knowledge that words mean a great significance to our community.

What we say and hope we say it plays a big role on how people navigate within this subculture.

People with no culture use words like cancel culture because they wish to put a spin on the word “BLACKballing” I don’t know if it’s because of the word BLACK or Balling ... but the tactics are all the same. So, I will continue to keep it real because I have been waiting to show these receipts.

When I was first called by Tyesha ( she has no scene name to use) to tell me that EJ had “unresolved issues” with me, I agreed to allow her to mediate on behalf of EJ. I then immediately brought in my tribe’s Sergeant at Arms at the time Xir Oya to take witness during this zoom call.

This is the zoom call that I found out that EJ was sleeping in a tent with his dog in Glenda’s back yard due to their poor internet connection that kept interrupting their wireless service during the zoom meeting. Tyesha attempts to advocate for EJ reflected many of his FEELINGS that resulted from my removal of his continuing to be the custodian of my pup collar and not any actual physical or mental harm done by me.

Tyesha even suggested a “de-collaring ceremony" so that EJ would feel better about severing the ties that were made during the year he lived with me (rent free). I declined the request to engage with EJ on any levels that would mean me having to circle back to dealing with him on that level because I had already started the #IHOR’s exiting strategy with him once he had returned my collar months prior to this zoom meeting.

I informed Tyesha that EJ's obligation to take his mental health medication consistently, remain on his regiment for hormonal therapy, retain a job, and communicate transparency with me as his D-type were his ONLY responsibilities as part of his dynamic with me. NONE of these obligations were accomplished during the 365 days he spent in my home. So no, I have no desires to acquiesce to his feelings nor emotions after the fact.

EJ still had a few items left at my home, and he claimed I had a lock of mine on one of his favorite collars of his. To eliminate having any more connection I sent a text to Glenda, (as another D-Type) to arrange a meeting with her to drop off EJ's property and mail and possibly use that opportunity to cut off the lock that was on his collar that he told me belonged to his previous Mistress. Glenda, said that she didn’t want to meet me to do this, stating “Eli, I didn’t want to have anything to do with what goes on between you and EJ!"I respected her decision and found another way of returning EJ’s belongings through Xir Oya.

However months later, Glenda became the community leader to reach out to Master Blue, the current president of Onyx, and Master Sable. On behalf of EJ to inform them and the community that she had a major concern about my being with EJ while he was underage.

Hence when the rumors of pedophilia began as a community allegation.

I made it perfectly clear to EVERYONE that I met EJ at MAL 2018. He was brought to my Tribe’s room by my pup, boy Mut, who was know in our community as "pup Twilight" at the time.

What Glenda failed to realize is that EJ was already in the community before meeting me;

attending leather events and bars like The Bike Stop, New York Eagle, Weekend Reunion, and Folsom Street Fair before ever knowing me. Hence why her allegations of me being with EJ while he was underage didn’t make any sense to any of the tribal members of the Illuminati House Of Ra nor myself. Especially, when we #IHOR went out of our way to celebrate EJ's 21st birthday in Richmond, Virginia at The Fall Out Bar that my Onyx Brother, Daddy Yogi helped me orchestrate.

Once all these allegations unfolded, my pup MUT sent me a screenshot of a personal text conversation he had with EJ in the beginning stages of vetting EJ as an associate member of the Illuminati House Of Ra .

Also let me take this opportunity be transparent in stating that EJ NEVER petitioned to become a member of the illuminati House Of Ra. He was only an associate ranking in our Navy system of hierarchy as a seamen recruit. Members of our tribe have to reach a petty officer status of E1 once they have filled out an application and have been under review by all members of the tribe. These steps were never implemented by EJ at any point.

EJ's D/s dynamic consisted of role-play: Handler/pup, Big/little, Rigger Top/rope bunny bottom and light CBT impact play to intimate body parts. No sexual penetration was negotiated or performed the entire time of my interactions or associations with EJ.

* This blog post has been edited on 4/27, by a slave of IHOR to correct grammatical errors and to delete multiple uses of dead names and prior names used for EJ. While content edits may be made in the future, The Illuminati House of Ra understands that dead naming is not honorable and W/we do not wish that to represent U/us as a House.

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