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How much will my Black Male Privilege cost?

Grand Rising, constituents, comrades, and most importantly my loyal confidants. In efforts to heal, and be healed, I am called to publicly address many personal thoughts in attempt to set some clear boundaries, so I am not Misunderstood.

I HAVE A fucking Q:

When BIPOC people are killed💁🏾‍♂️ is it REALLY about O/our sexuality, how we choose to identify or our gender? Or could it all just really about the pigment of our skin? 🤷🏾‍♂️

I’ve heard people within our “communities claim that “Male privilege” exists and it’s a thing, and maybe that is what many who identify as a Man Strive for.

However, as a BLACK person I am fully 👁AWARE and have 👀 witnessed how I PRESENT, can weigh heavily on how I am perceived, and how I am treated in American ☝🏾and within this “community”.

I can identify as Queer, GAY, Transgender Or non-binary. None of which will be seen before I am seen as 🤴🏾BLACK!

Being bisexual, pansexual, homosexual or straight doesn’t matter to those who are simply threatened by the 🧑🏾‍🦰👩🏿👨🏽‍🦰👩🏽‍🦱👨🏾‍🦲👩🏽‍🦳👲🏾🧑🏿👨🏾‍🦳melanin tones of O/our skin.

When it seems ( to me) that the underlying MISSION of the police / government is to shoot, KILL, Murder and Oppress BLACK men.

I can clearly see why our BLACK 🏳️‍🌈 LGBTQ 🏳️‍⚧️ community are such a target.

We (BIPOC) continue to get upset when our BLACK trans WOMEN are misgendered ,or their Dead names are used in police reports and announced incorrectly on the Media news reports . But I have come to realize it’s all being done on purpose! Because all they see is the MISSION.

Because they will never see, nor do they ever wish to see US as anything, but a threat to coexist within the Society we have help to build.  

This doesn’t mean that I have given up hope, it just means that I have given up fear!

I have the ability to change my way of thinking, I can even change my sexuality, HONORIFICs, pronouns, and even my gender, if I choose to.

But the one thing I can NOT change is the way others choose to perceive my Presentation in this world nor how they accept my African culture, my African features and or the tone of my melanin skin.

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