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Updated: Apr 27, 2022

Sometimes, I am led to think that others prosperity can only be had at my expense. I believe that good comes into my life because I've chosen to let go of any beliefs that anything I desire is limited. Success, love, and recognition are all plentiful! I light my candle and incense to pray for those who are closest to me. I inhale a deep breath in solidarity and close my eyes to clear my vision for the future.

As good flows in our lives to have everything we need and desire, today am visualizing my own unique gifts and talents, the gifts of blessings my ancestors allow me, and the power to see others' jealousy and lack of joy. The soul’s intention is to manifest any sense of being cheated to forsaken thy humbled spirit. Today and everyday of my life all wants, needs, and desires are fulfilled in abundance. Everything and everyone will be nourished from the warmth of the sun its spirit feeds.


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