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Mentioning to ones taste.

Have you ever heard the saying “I will serve no wine before it’s time?”

Well, it a lot to be said for this Philosophy in mentorship and or grooming folks within a power exchange RELATIONSHIP dynamic.

If and when a  sommelier or winemaker decides to deem a batch of wine to be served to its public/ community, That overseer has taken the time to insure everything that was required (passed down) has been implemented during its time while curing. Thoughtful planning, precious time, and care has been placed into trusting his process.

I will even go as far to say that If at any time this wine is served before it matures, it may taste bitter to ones’s palette.

The same can be applied to a mentee rushing their mentorship process.if one isnt trusting their process, nor haveing patience to TRUST there mentor. the mentee will #BECOME bitter, and even resent the entire prosss, because they didn’t trust the process to #BECOME as fine of a wine as they could had they were not served to the community before their time. (Metaphorically speaking)

Our world today have become so rushed. Everyone wants everything in a rush. They tend to microwave their relationships like they microwave their food.

However some processes in life, simply cannot be rushed.  preparing another person to become a leader takes time invested. and level earned as each bottle has to be turned ans allowed to sit and settle during it’s maturing process.

If at any point, the seal or cork is broken on bottle of wine, it becomes rancid, and one will be able to see the settlements at the bottom. These are the ones that have to be thrown away, discarded. never to be served at ones table.

This also holds true to those who became settled, complacent or ever resentful when not trusting their process / maturing time.

Just like there are many types of wine. (Zinfandel, Riesling, Pinot Noir, Port, Sherry) and different methods in processing them to its preferred perfections. Each Mentor / HOH/ D-type will have their own style in tutelage.

As a mentor I have also witnessed that when a mentee comes humble yet hungry and remain hungry for knowledge, they get what they need , the process seems effortless. How the soon the process is over depends on how resilient the mentee #BECOME in the process.

🥂Cheers to celebrating a Bubbly off boarding process during your Leather Journey ! 🍾

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