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My Protocol for Time OUT….. Step back. pause and unplug!!

Updated: May 8, 2022

It’s time for The Silent Treatment…

I’ve tried over and over again to shed some light on the darkness that I was facing that surrounded me. However, I now realize how I’ve detoured from my mission which has led to wasted energy. This experience has become a very valuable tool in my experience as a Master.

I have come to a place in my journey that finds me revisiting familiar paths to reroute my voyage back into the high roads I’ve detoured from trying to save my ego which took away from me completing my mission.

After much self-reflection, I hope to mentally elevate high enough on my mountain to hear myself think, in hopes of returning to thinking clearer before making any moves to justify my intentions driven by emotions.

Which has caused me to ask myself the fucking question…..

What are the benefits of me just remaining silent and taking a full step back from this place we call “community” into placing my energy into what I call an empire?

1. I will not allow the current situations to make me cross certain boundaries on social media or otherwise, so taking a pause will allow me time to “cool the hell off” preventing me from depleting my core emotional state on things that don’t serve my purpose.

2. It will give me time to seriously reflect and thoroughly think about the current situation, not the past.

3. It will allow me to work on the relationships I’ve developed rather than spend time trying to rebuild bonds that I didn’t break.

4. It will allow me to forgive myself, refocus and center on what’s important to me, rather than focusing on others' negativity of those who were never invested nor involved in my positivity.

5. It will allow me the time to creatively utilize the positive yet effective communication skills I have with those not looking be combative. However being mindful to use my time wisely with those willing to communicate and share their concerns around consent with caution, care for ALL involved.

6. It will allow me the opportunity to adhere to my personal growth, anxiety, and lifestyle transformation, while allowing others to feel confident that they will be left alone with their unanswered issues, questions, or concerns until the time arises when they can ensure resolutions once the allotted time has passed.

7. It will allow time for creating a safe space and/or room for growth for all involved to formulate healthy discussions to cultivate healthy relationships for the future.

I have come to the realization, While self-preservation isn’t for everyone, when used properly and implemented with care and thought, it can be a very valuable tool to fix the well-oiled machine that fuels the passion that drives my vision.

That's my seven protocol affirmation for self-care.

#bDsm is my religion, now let us Pray!

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