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Provoked to Uncover my purpose!

Updated: May 31, 2022

A closer look at the trials and tribulations that come along with being formally covered as a Master within a broken subculture.

Command "Uncover", raise your hand as you would during the hand salute but grab the brim of your cover instead of touching your forehead. - Command "Two", lift your hat a bit to avoid messing up your hair, then return your hand to your side in a direct manner.

In 2020 I was tasked to step up to the plate, by trying to devise a plan to resolve someone else’s issues that this person had with me, rather than allowing them to take full responsibility and ownership of their issues. In hindsight, I now see where I created my problem. By pouring my time and energy into people who are not in alignment with me.

The first revelation within mastery is making sure that I don’t take on other folk problems or tasks that they are not fully ready and able to commit to comprehending accomplishing and completing.

I can no longer take on the responsibility when people who claim they have issues with me don’t come to me directly to address their concerns.

So, with that being said, I have taken the time to not only devise a way to communicate concerns and or questions that involved me by having an Open door policy for a direct email to my sergeant at arms. But I have also set up a network of accountability partners to encourage, support, and advise me and hold me to the Standard that I have committed myself to.

My leather family and I have taken time and money to implement a paid mediator on stand-by for any community members who have any grievances/complaints or concerns with any members of our Tribe so any unresolved issues can be resolved promptly. Avoid any disruption within the community at large.

As a Service leader, Community leader, titleholder, and Head of household I am called to not only protect me and my own but also the village in which W/we dwell.

I have been provoked to take on the task of implementing what transformative justice looks like and feels like within a community that has never implemented it nor practiced an ideology that is primarily spoken of and seldom implemented.

Thus far I’ve done a lot in my leather journey. Though my dreams for my Tribe & village are not complete, I realize W/we have done a lot of Good, and I give the universe praise for what I have helped to accomplish thus far.

I celebrate every one of the baby steps and hurdles it has taken so far to achieve an empire for o/our future, for it all has improved me to become a better human.

So I can be at my best for those who have allowed me to be a part of their life. The ppl who have already taken the time to know and trust me. The ppl who didn’t come into my life because they needed something but because they have something bro offer. Ppl who have created a table of their own to make room for me to have a safe place to be nourished. The ppl who when invited to Break bread of wisdom at the table that I have provided. They have something to bring to the table rather than the ppl who are only here to Secure a take-out plate because from their perception the house is of abundance.

All that I am going through is allowing me to NOT live beneath my purpose nor my potential.

All that I am going through will allow me to grow far past my expectations by providing resiliency far past my expected potential!

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