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Reaching new Heights, Healing in Heels.

Some have often asked me as a D-type, what is it that I find so attractive about putting men in heels 👠. I’ve even questioned why I would wear them.

My reply Doesn’t come from the fact that I may consider myself a short person, and enjoy the feeling I receive from having the height. But it’s the power that comes from the attention that it demands.

Often when I put sub MEN into heels 👠 on a BDSM, fetish aspect, I am requiring them to muster the self-confidence within themself to satisfy my lust for them to feel PRETTY from within.

Their obedience comes with surrendering to their divine feminine that remains dormant until I provide the safe space for that energy to explode.

The Mastery comes in when my men know without a shadow of a doubt that I will protect my property when they look their best for Master as they remain disciplined to stay in that headspace as long as I am in control of their safe space.

Many have asked, “as the Dom What do you get from it?”

My reply is TRUST. I love the strength that from the exchange of power that is relinquished with the trust that is surrendered for protection. The feeling I provide in a healthy Power exchange becomes an experience that is unexplainable.

In my own journey as a queer Leatherman, when I can hold a safe space for another Man to feel empowered and enlightened by themselves in ways they didn’t know existed, and they TRUSTED me to be vulnerable with.

That becomes the high that makes what I do in BDSM worth more than its weight in gold! The dynamic becomes authentically priceless!

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