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Reflect back Reviewing the Reflections of Wisdom .

My mother use to say, “What don’t kill you boy will only make you stronger so keep being YOU!” In 53 years, I’ve had time to process what that takes by learning from life’s lessons. Realizing that I’ve been built by design to make mistakes, in my journey, because I am human, not because of my gender, race, or sexual identity. But, knowing that my steps are all in divine order sets my mind, body, soul, and spirit at peace.

The universe has a way to make me take a step back and truly observe those around me.

As I heal, continue to grow, and move forward.

NEVER allowing others to determine when and how fast it take me to heal nor recognize my growth in the process .

My give back to the universe today would be.

Take the time YOU need to recover and rejuvenate to INCREASE your resilience to show up and show out the best life you were born to be!

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