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The EYE of Ra

Grand Rising to all my, constituents, comrades, and most importantly my loyal confidants. In efforts to break my own silence, heal, and be healed, I am called to publicly address many personal life experiences in attempt to set some clear boundaries.

Today (I) decided write (MYSELF) some words to completely affirm (ME).

Some say that when the third eye chakra is opens it can provide wisdom and insight, as well as deepen one‘s spiritual connection. so as you all know, I’ve had a moment to take a step back and do lots of shadow work, soul searching and allow myself to heal. within all that i’ve reclaim time to discover a better self awareness for my own wellness.

Once I’ve had time to tap into my eternal powers and take a better look at my own DNA energy and unfold the God within me. The power I’ve had but know know the deeps and ability of the powers energy that I manifest from my pineal gland.

I’ve always been aware of my sixth chakra hence, me always telling dole to #StayWOKE from seeing life from The eye of Ra‘s prospectiv.

However, what I wasn’t till recently ive awakened to how the third eye comes from the law of surrender.

You see,one must surrender to it’s well to see it’s light.

Nothing in life happens by chance,( soni believe) this also tells me that One doesn’t come at/or to another’s free well for free.

something has to be Exchanged!

Power comes from the will or the consent to exchange power with another.

Energy is Power!

Power exchange is the consent to exchange Or surrender one‘s energy with someone who also obtains power.

Money is Power!

The eye of Ra, see all who have Power to Exchange, and those who only have something to obtain. When those who are broken and have not taken the the time to heal, I feel their hurt and their pain.

These are the ones who either leave you with joy or levee me drained it all depends on the power of energy that has been exchange.

Market Exchange

If at any point someone don’t hav any power nor energy when the entering any safe space that I have provided service I know know that I will be left with less than I had when I engaged. However, if it’s joy I feel I then know my purpose in this their lives was fulfilled!

Know your power to know your worth.

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