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The Obsession in Stalking.

Updated: May 11, 2022

I received a text message requesting a phone call from a dear friend Master Blue, who was also a person asked to assist with my covering ceremony held at the Master/slave Conference. In this conversation, I was told that EJ had some "unresolved issues" with me. This phone call came much to my surprise since it was just a few months early that I was telling Master Blue of my personal experience with EJ, due to the House of Blue vetting EJ as a potential for his leather house.

I was informed that Glenda & EJ had contacted him to have a conversation about their concerns about my practices within my leather family. Master Blue told me that he asked EJ if had he had a chance to speak to me directly before bringing his concerns to him, EJ‘s reply was “No,.” Master Blue assured me that he had given EJ directions to contact me and to have a conversation with me first. Unfortunately, I was never contacted by either EJ or Glenda Rider on this matter.

Then several months later, I receive a text message from Master Sable, who had formally covered me in the community at the Master/slave Conference. He too had been contacted by Glenda Rider in concerns of me being with EJ while he was underage. He then informed me that any pics and or videos of me with EJ needed to be removed because EJ and Glenda had now informed the community of accusations that I was with him while he was under age. This was not looking good and they sought to discredit me as a leather person within our community.

Then very late after 11pm, I received a text message with an alarming call from Papa Onyx, who was and is currently the president of Onyx Mid Atlantic during that call. Onyx is a leather organization that I’ve been associated with since1999 and a full member as of 2013. Papa Onyx called to inform me that he too was reached out by Glenda and was told that EJ had some unresolved issues with me, and that he demanded that I take all of his pictures off of my social media. He stated that because he had sent me a text and it had not been done, I had violated his consent. They also informed Papa Onyx that during the time EJ was living with me that he was not in any any capacity to be in dynamic with because he was under age.

Papa Onyx had also informed me that he asked both Glenda and EJ had either of them been in communication with me and both denied setting up any communication with me to speak to me directly about their concerns. Papa Onyx also informed me that while speaking to EJ, he mentioned something that was alarming to him. He said, “EJ said that he was stalking you two years before ever meeting you in person." Papa asked EJ, “Do you really mean you stalk Master Eli EJ, because the word 'stalking' can be taken seriously." EJ assured him that, Yes, he meant to say that he stalked me two years before actually meeting me in person, which would have been at MAL 2019 and two years prior to that would have been 2017 when I was the current titleholder as Mr. Maryland Leather 2016.

Both the news of EJ being under legal age and being stalked all came as a utter shock to me, because at no time for the entire year had EJ disclosed any of this information to me. I was always led to believe that EJ was 20 years old as I explained to Papa Onyx. EJ had not only deceived me in not revealing his real age but he deceived my entire leather family. We had taken time out of our lives to set up a 21st birthday party celebration for him in Richmond VA at Fallout RVA. Not only did the members of #IHOR pay for the party, our members accommodated EJ's travel and hotel lodging for his 21st birthday celebration. My Onyx brother Daddy Yogi ONYX, helped with coordinating the celebration with the owners of the venue.

All events do identification checks at the doors, just like any other club /venue EJ had been a patron to prior to knowing me. So, I didn’t understand where or how Glenda Rider could be collaborating with EJ on him being underage the entire time he was wearing my pup play collar for nine months in 2020.

Needless to say, after that phone call I began going through all my photos, trying desperately to find where in my vetting process did I go wrong, how could I have missed knowing or finding out if what I was hearing was true. Then I realize the day started looking at pics that my slave Nauka had sent me. Because they are legally deaf, they were know for just taking random pictures of me even when I wasn’t watching when they were in service to me during my title year. There it was, a picture of me at Folsom East 2016 with EJ in the background behind me...

When I saw the pic and recognized EJ was actually stalking me in 2017 before I ever knew him for myself, I was in shock. This was something that sent up a red flag that I ignored, but along with him revealing his medical diagnoses, I knew that me severing my D/s relationship with him sooner than later would be the best decision for not only me but my leather family as well. However, I didn’t ignore the fact that EJ had unresolved issues with me, so I needed to do something to find a resolution so the both of us could have closure and move forward in our journey within the leather community together.

* This blog post has been edited on 4/27, by a slave of IHOR to correct grammatical errors and to delete multiple uses of dead names and prior names used for EJ. The specific diagnoses were also deleted to maintain privacy and prevent mental health shaming. While content edits may be made in the future, The Illuminati House of Ra understands that neither mental health shaming nor dead naming is honorable and W/we do not wish that to represent U/us as a House.

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