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Purposeful Driven Life

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

The purpose that gives me the intention to have the unselfish drive and motivation, to incorporate the wind beneath my wings, to inspire other involved like minded individuals who desire to engage themselves within this community, and to innovate and illuminate themselves with the space and time I've allotted in my life to exchanging creative expression through mentorship and power dynamics is an ultimate privilege.

As a Caribbean Black boy growing up in Harlem NYC and moving down south during my junior/senior year of high school, I too can empathize with those who may have made codeswitching and way of life in personal battles of social anxiety, or separation anxiety, to fitting in to large groups that may not have used micro aggression or oppression to segregate opportunities that most would be privileged to.

Creating alter egos within our community with the use of honorifics and scene names gives all who participate in the community the same opportunities to transition and project the person on the outside to match the person on the inside and no longer hide the full being we truly are. This may be part of a coping magnetism for many leather and kink folk with in our community, but it is surly an experience I can relate to within my own leather journey.

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