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Updated: May 8, 2022

I HAVE A fucking Q:


But let’s have a conversation on how it LOOKS & SOUNDS to us as independently thinking ADULTS!

Since I've truly attempted to look at EVERYTHING from different perspectives. I want to know from my GAY Kinky MEN with Leather fetishes.. as I have seen more and more alarming very New cases of Adult Men being arrested for having sexual encounters with children under 18 years of age from Hook-up apps.

I want to address the fuchsia elephant in the middle of the room that many choose to ignore in order to have an open conversation .

Unlike many, I will NOT sit here and become a JUDGE or jury when I have NOT been appointed to. Nor will I do the emotional labor to defend or to convict anyone based on any of my own unresolved past traumas .

However, I will use this is a perfect opportunity for OUR community to have an Open ADULT CONVERSATION on how to PROTECT one another who call themselves sexual outlaws when/ while navigating O/ourselves on “HOOKUP APPS”

The Reality is this:

Many of our GAY bars are closing. The “Hook up apps “ have infiltrated GAY CULTURE.

IT IS WHAT IT IS … and like the saying goes, when you can’t beat them, join them .. ( which now is not the best way to go)

The way W/we used to flirt/cruise is a lost art, it's all been replaced by the computer and our smart phones.

So how do WE evolve in this day and age still continue to contain GAY/Queer “SAFE SPACES” for US to be the sexual deviants we claim to as KINKSTER & Gay/Queer Leathermen?

How do W/we occupy spaces without having doubt that the spaces we consume are not infiltrated by minors.?

Who’s taking accountability for their children? When a child falsely get past the age restrictions set on hook-up Apps (by lying) (obtaining fake IDs) all to lure adults to their homes or meeting location for sexual encounters?


*This blog post has been edited on 5/8, by a slave of IHOR to correct grammatical errors.

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