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For the past three months. Ppl have come from out of nowhere, to take the time out of their life to go into the book of faces #FACEBOOK to do what They and Them feel is advocating for the community by actively performing several incidents towards the defamation of my character.

As I sit back another year, (since 2020) to watch how all of this unfold and cause riffs within the leather community, I notice the time and energy being spent by my accusers. Time and energy that could be spent towards making organizations that will provide a safe spaces for our newcomers to O/our said community, Or even direct their energy toward a nonprofit organization for outreach for the betterment of O/our community.

I can’t be in control of anyon’s actions but my own. although I tend to be a person who enjoys being in control of a scene, it is clear that this is an ongo problem that I never gave consent to be a part of. (Allow me to elaborate) without being a narcissist or arrogant, like any human being, every person should have the right to control their own life’s narrative, the entity of their image, and how they choose to PRESENT themselves to others. As a Black Queer man I know I am limited as to the privilege that many have taken for granted and many choose to ignore our convenience.

However, in any case, I never gave anyone the consent to speak of me or about me without the consideration of having a conversation with me first. With that being said, I have taken the time to develop a system for those who have grievances and unresolved issues to file formal grievances to be addressed respectably. I have devised a way to have an official open-door policy for O/our community to bring their concerns and or questions directly to me without having to meet with me face to face person to person as adults. Because I and willing to take the steps necessary to restore Justice and repair what seems to be broken within our community.

However, I have seen how the O/our community would rather direct their attention to the negativity stored in the gossip within O/our Community.

In the past four months, I have attended two Leather /kink /GAY men-based events. All to have Rumors / Allegations state that I was removed/ kicked out of these events I have attached for over Eight years within the Leather community in support of leather culture.

Not only have I supported these events but have introduced Ppl who have been in service to me to the events and the relationships I have developed during my journey.

In this moment I’m my life, after this weekend at IML in Chicago Illinois, I am grateful for all the love and support from all who have reached out in Support and concerns, I have been surprisingly overwhelmed by all the people who have approached me about what they have seen on Social media and allowed me the opportunity to share my prospective. So they can have a very clear understanding to make the best decision for themselves.

However,to omit the yen in my yang. I can honestly say today that am even grateful for those who have chooses to forsaken the friendships that freely giving them access to my life’s journey. I am not upset that they rather become absorbed by the negative and not positive and the rumors/ navigations over FACTS and TRUTH

I am and will always be willing to face my accusers. Only If they /them actually want resolution to unravel the chaos that they are creating.

This weekend has shown me WHO & WHAT are important to to me and O/our community. I have come to the realization that I am not what/ who is pulling our community apart.

I know without a shadow of a doubt, that I have taking full responsibility for the changes I needed to adjust for the betterment of not only myself, but for my Tribe and my villagers with our Village.

Without those who have invested their time and energy into using their allegations to Weaponize I would not have seen and heard the positivity that has come as a result of those who have approached me in support.

This all has Validated my purpose within leather culture in the leather community.

Thank you CLAW & IML for yet another revelation in my leather journey!

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1 Comment

K. G. Smith
K. G. Smith
May 31, 2022

Bravo Eli. Find your center and balance brother.

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