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Watching a Dragonfly.

In my lifetime, I've encountered people and experiences that I've found unique, and different. I've met people who have caught my eye, and became either a priority or an option. There are things in my life I've found and have kept closer for the need to make tangible and/or accessible to my reach.

Within this journey, I've found myself deeply immersed in a profound privileged sense of sharing my ability to love with and around another human in that moment of life. I'm always aware that others' connection to me, in that moment, can also be larger and deeply rooted into the power and energy that fuels our universe.

I realize that everyone whom I've chose to exchange power with and/or prioritized in my life has intersected their lives with people within my lifestyle. However, only a chosen few have taken the time out of their lives to find the intersectionality of the divine spiritual interactions that come with what I have become from their perspective. Before anyone tries to follow the personal journey of a black leather Master, start with unfolding the personal journey of a human first and let's address the honorifics last.

Allow me to first ask each and every single one of you for your consent to follow as I unpack my shadow work publicly before you. If you are still here seeing the fuchsia Dragon, then I will know your consent has been given.

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