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WHO’s s watching the gate?


If the Children (newbies in the leather community) are our future… Then how are they/ them supposed to know better, so they/ them are equipped to be better? 

WHO’s stepping up to the plate to guide and mentor O/our youth? Without any standards or guidances including guidelines wouldn’t this led to chaos?

WHO’s putting the “D” back into BDSM ?

All that W/we do in Leather culture is FUN!

If it’s done RIGHT!

(To me it’s a red 🚩flag to be reminded to have fun in my kink, but, that’s just my prospective/ experience)

However, let’s also remember that all that even though what we do is FUN. We also have to consider that what we do is also DANGEROUS!

So…. If there’s NO one watching “#gateKEEPING” it’s also possible that YOU are NOT safe!

In order to create a “SAFE SPACE” someone has to Show Up and Show Out to gateKEEP and keep You safe.

As a D/type in leather CULTURE, I was told that my #1 RULE is to PROTECT THE PROPERTY.

To me that means, it’s my mission to GateKEEP the ppl I care about the most!

I now realize that I don’t have the CONSENT to Love everyone we call community members. Because we all

have the right to show our love directly.

I an quite aware of the forces that exist within this community that wish to erase / hush any BLACK VOICES, especially one that speaks of any #TRUTH. to keep our Tribe/ villages from harm So they can take advantage of our young.

Their goal for our youth, includes the freedom to run rampant, with no expectations of anyone watching or protecting their best interest.

They goal to oppress anyone from gate keeping so our young becomes easy prey for their disposal.

I may have hurt a few feelings (apologies in advance it’s never my first intention) with my post #keepingGATE. However I would rather hurt just your damn feelings, than leave you at those who would have you dead!


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