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Uncollaring the Sub-Culture

The backlash of removing someone from remaining the Custodian of my collar.

Any D-type who has ever had to release someone from their collar know that Maneuvering a peaceful exit strategy is about the most difficult thing a D-type will ever go through being in authority exchange dynamic . I don’t know who needs to hear this. However, I am going to post this for living proof that ending any dynamic is a situation that will only make you as a D-type stronger. Because the words that are used against you will NEVER kill you or lessen who you have become during your journey and growth as a D-type.

Allow yourself the opportunity to REMOVE your ego from your feelings.

Take the opptunity to see and review the mistakes and achievements you’ve made with dealing with a s/type.

Even if and when an s-Type will use the departure as an opptunity to exploit your dynamic publicity.

This will become a TEST of your own discipline. it will be a clear line to make a decision to stay silent and take the high road or go toe to toe with someone you once swore to protect As your property.

Often leaving you no choice ,but to defend or risk your character, reputation,and integrity being removed or not supported by the ones wI thin the same community who once uplift and supported you.

As a D-type, know that your dominance to be discipline, will be tested!

As a D-type, know that you will have the desire to act out of character. You will have the desire to no longer take the high road. You will also want to WILL SMITH a few folks…… but I am here to tell you, ask you, pled with you to REMAIN diligent to the task at hand. To be GREAT!

Allow people around you to show you who they/them truly are with their/them actions. Becime very diligent to making all of them ACCOUNTABLE to what they/them show up and show out to you.

Trust me when i tell you that the individuals within O/our community will give you the ammunition you need to navigate differently moving forward in your Leather Journy. If this has never happened to you, Jist await your turn. ITS COMING! When it happens remember this, and do BETTER! Advice: Never react on others FEELINGS. Remains calm and seek legal advice, and stay steadfast and unmovable! ​#LayingBRICKS🧱 #TrustDaProcess#SteelSharpensSteel⚔️

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